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Crystal Metamorfosis (by JC Sum)

Copper color (aging paint) or Unpainted aluminium color.

Come with a complete curtain
or you can choose just a curtain frame.

Crystal Metamorphosis is J C Sum’s original design of a crystal clear substitution trunk. It is designed for speed and every aspect of its design is functional. It requires one assistant and can be performed surrounded.

Build to order.
Please allow two month for delivery.

about color or structure, we will follow your request.

Price: $4,700.00 ~ $3,900.00 USD (shipping not included)


(Foreign currency is calculated by paypal automatically)

Case Size
Height: 1400cm (with casters)
Width: 910cm
Depth: 20cm

Light weight

Quick assemble


Invisible trap door (magnet lock)

Beautiful powder coated aging paint

Come with very thin ATA case

Can stand the ATA case for transporting

Construction Process

Step 1. Assemble four walls by pin hinges.

Step 2. mount the walls on the lower part of the ATA case.

Step 3. Attach the lid to the box.

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Rick Wilcox

"They are fantastic!!
I am currently using them in the show and I have 7 different sets of bottles I own.
Products from Magus look the best and are used at my theatre.
The only time I don't use them is when I do shows away from the theater only because I don't want anything to happen to these bottles when I am away.
If I get another set with the bottom on it I will be set for a life time."