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- Quality Magic from Japan -

We are making high quality products by Japanese traditional craftsman-ship.

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Extreme Multiplying Bottles

Most beautiful and realistic multiplying bottle set ever. Many magicians call it "Rolls Royce of multiplying bottles". You can even perform this within inches away from your audience. At the end of routine, You can pour wine out of a bottle.
Perfect clearance. Never stack. Super smooth handling.

Price: $1,800.00 USD (Free Shipping Worldwide)


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Ring on Glass Stem

Legendary effect created by leading figure of the magic, Pete Biro and performed by great Fred Kaps. A spectator's ring magicaly appears on the stem of a glass. You can perform it even close up. You can use the same glass again and again.

Price: $900.00 USD Out of Stock (Free Shipping Worldwide)


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Crystal Metamorphosis (by JC Sum) NEW

Crystal Metamorphosis is J C Sum’s original design of a crystal clear substitution trunk. It is designed for speed and every aspect of its design is functional. It requires one assistant and can be performed surrounded.

Light weight

Quick assemble


Invisible trap door (magnet lock)

Beautiful powder coated aging paint

Come with very thin ATA case

Can stand the ATA case for transporting

Copper color (aging paint) or Unpainted aluminium color.

Come with a complete curtain
or you can choose just a curtain frame.

(about color or structure, we will follow your request.)

Price: $4,700.00 ~ $3,900.00 USD (shipping not included)

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A true worker himself, Keisuke Hanada's Extreme Multiplying Bottles is a clear winner.

Exceptionally well made and crafted by skilled Japanese masons who expect nothing less than beauty and perfection, it is without contest the very best of its kind available today.

Keisuke-san's elegant wine bottles are definitely well worth the investment for the discerning professional magician, as well as, the astute magic collector who prides themselves as purveyors of the artisan movement.

-Ning Cai (the artist formerly known as Magic Babe Ning) NINGthing.com

”Definitely the best Passe Passe bottles I have ever seen and have ever used!”

-Cyril Takayama

"If you are serious about the multiplying bottles, there is only one choice to make for the best bottles in the business, Kokubunji Studio's Extreme Multiplying Bottles. As a proud owner of these bottles, I have witnessed none finer in terms of working and appearance. It's so easy to give my highest recommendation as these bottles are simply the best.."

-Bill Abbott http://www.billabbottmagic.com/

"As a main builder here at Illusion Projects in Las Vegas i know "Quality”!
Your bottles are the Rolls Royce of Multiplying Bottles! It's worth every penny!
I think they should be sold for two times the price! Keisuke "San" you are a true artist, good work!
I can't wait to try out your Ring on Glass Stem."

-Ray Lum http://www.themagicofraylum.com

"They are fantastic!!
I am currently using them in the show and I have 7 different sets of bottles I own.
Yours look the best and are used at my theatre.
The only time I don't use them is when I do shows away from the theater only because I don't want anything to happen to these bottles when I am away.
If I get another set with the bottom on it I will be set for a life time."

-Rick Wilcox http://rickwilcox.com

"These bottles are like a wet dream for anyone who perform on stage or parlor.
The craftsmanship is on a stupendously high level. I have coveted these bottles since I first saw them."

-Tom Stone http://www.facebook.com/Trollkarl


New color of extreme multiplying bottles.


REVIEW of our Extreme Multiplying Bottles on NINGthing.com

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